Cloud.Weekly 001

Welcome to cloud.weekly. The weekly-ish newsletter on all things cloud. I read all the cloud vendor news, so you don’t have to. Let’s get into it.

Amazon Web Services

[Release] - New EC2 T4g Instances

A new generation of low cost burstable instances , T4g. From t4g.nano to t4g.2xlarge for any use case you can think of. Try them out on the free tier!


[DevOps] - Azure Container Instances - Docker integration now in Docker Desktop stable release

Deploying containers to Azure ACI now available through the newest version of Docker Desktop CLI.

[Release] - NFS 4.1 support for Azure Files is now in preview

NFS 4.1 support for Azure Files will provide our users with a fully managed NFS file system as a service, thats kinda cool!

Google Cloud Platform

[Whitepaper] - Cloud Key Management Service

Getting the most out of your Cloud Key Management Service, A Deep Dive Into Google KMS that assumes nothing about your experience level, recommended reading.

[DevOps] - Cloud Run integrates with continuous deployment

A new Cloud Run feature for CI using your Git repositories. You don’t have to deploy directly from development machines now, check out this new feature.

[Security] Google Kubernetes Engine Security Bulletin  |  GCP-2020-012

A vulnerability was recently discovered in the Linux kernel, described in CVE-2020-14386 , that may allow container escape to obtain root privileges on the host node. Here’s the Google Kubernetes Engine security bulletin

Oracle Cloud

[Tutorial] - All You Can Eat: A Four Step Tutorial to Integrate Big Data into Your Data Warehouse

How you could use Oracle Cloud to build yourself Big Data infrastructure.

[DevOps] - Introducing Dynamic Update of Load Balancer Shapes

A new feature that enables the ability to modify Load Balancer Shapes without having to destroy and recreate them.

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