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Elasticsearch now offers T3 Instances

Amazon Elasticsearch Service now offers the latest T3 (general-purpose) instances which offer superior performance and larger storage capacity compared to the previous generations. Free tier customers can choose between t2.small.elasticsearch and t3.small.elasticsearch instances.

Amazon Elasticsearch Service now offers T3 Instances

Los Angeles AWS Local Zones gets an upgrade

Early December 2019 The first LA Local Zone was released to the public, this week there are some improvements to both. Now you can run ElastiCache and Elastic Container Service tasks in both Local Zones.

Amazon ElastiCache is now available in the LA AWS Local Zones

Amazon ECS is now available in the Los Angeles AWS Local Zones

Using Machine Learning to monitor your AWS Cost

As part of the AWS Cost Management suite Amazon introduces Cost Anomaly Detection. This detection backed by a machine learning algorithm learns your historical cost and usage, as well as accounts for unique, organic growth and seasonal trends; and will alert you and provide root cause analysis when possible.

Introducing AWS Cost Anomaly Detection (Preview)


Azure Arc enabled servers is now generally available

Customers can seamlessly organize and govern Windows and Linux servers across their multi-cloud environment, all from the Azure portal. Customers can now use Azure management services to monitor, secure, and update servers, and audit them with the same Azure Policy. In addition, customers can implement standardized role-based access control across all their servers to meet important compliance requirements.

Azure Arc: Bring Azure to any infrastructure

Azure Orbital, because you don’t have your own ground station

Today we’re announcing the preview of Azure Orbital . The new ground station service enables satellite operators to communicate to and control their satellites, process data, and scale operations directly with Microsoft Azure.

Introducing Azure Orbital: Ground Station As-a-Service

Interactive visual guide to Azure Cloud’s current state

Although this isn’t news, it’s new to me and seems like a good share!

Azure Charts

Google Cloud Platform

Monitor Compute with the new single-pane-of-glass

Big updates for Google Cloud Compute engine this week. Monitor & logging compute agents as well as an enhanced infrastructure summary dashboard. The new dashboard lets you monitor your VM fleet with better insights into system and other compute resources .

Cloud Monitoring gets fleet-wide VM monitoring

Compute Engine gets better monitoring and logging

Eventing to your Kubernetes microservices

Cloud Run for Anthos now includes an events feature that allows you to easily build event-driven systems on Google Cloud. This feature sounds pretty similar to events and triggers with Cloud Functions but with the added benefit of being run on GKE, which is pretty sweet!

Cloud Run for Anthos adds events

Key DevOps performance metrics

Through six years of research, the DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) team has identified four key metrics that indicate the performance of a software development team. Google asks, are you an Elite DevOps performer?

Using the Four Keys to measure your DevOps performance

DevOps & Extras

[FREE] Microsoft Ignite Cloud Skills Challenge. After you’ve completed your first challenge, you’ll earn a free Microsoft Certification exam ($165).

MS Ignight Cloud Skills Challenge

[Tool] Automated Cloud Advisor is an extensible tool that aims at facilitating cost optimization in AWS, by collecting data for resources that are under utilized. In addition, this is a great learning tool for new DevOps/Cloud engineers that want to start automating things in AWS.

GitHub Disneystreaming Automated Cloud Advisor

[Conference] HashiConf is HashiCorp’s annual community conference, a multi-day experience created so you can connect with the community at large. The conference has released its schedule, check it out below.

HashiConf Digital Schedule.

[Conference] VMworld 2020 will be a global online event starting September 29 - October 1, 2020, online and available to everyone at no cost. 900+ sessions. The schedule has been released, get your ticket today.

VMworld 2020 | September 29 - October 1 | VMware

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