Cloud.Weekly 003

Cloud.Weekly 003

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S3 Gets a security upgrade

After adding hundreds of features and multiple storages classes to S3, amazon has decided to add three new Security & Access control features into the mix, Object Ownership, Bucket Owner Condition, and Copy API via Access Points These new features may add a bit of complexity into your work flows, but should mitigate a lot of problems.

Three New Security & Access Control Features

CloudFormation Guard - a CLI for infrastructure compliance

Cfn-guard is an open-source command line interface (CLI) that checks CloudFormation templates for policy compliance using a simple, policy-as-code, declarative language. Developers on macOS and Windows machines can now quickly install cfn-guard using the Homebrew and Chocolatey package managers respectively.

AWS CloudFormation Guard is now generally available

AWS AppSync adds support for AWS WAF

You can now enable AWS WAF integration for your GraphQL APIs in AWS AppSync, making it easier to protect your APIs against common web exploits.

AWS AppSync adds support for AWS WAF

Amazon EKS gets global upgrades

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) now supports running containers on AWS Fargate in ten additional AWS regions: US West (Northern California), Canada (Central), South America (São Paulo), Europe (London), Europe (Paris), Europe (Stockholm), Middle East (Bahrain), Asia Pacific (Mumbai), Asia Pacific (Seoul), and Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) regions.

Also, you can now run Kubernetes pods as part of your Amazon EKS Kubernetes clusters in the two Los Angeles local zones.

Amazon EKS Adds Fargate Support 10 AWS regions

Amazon EKS now supports the Los Angeles AWS Local Zones


Seamlessly extend and migrate VMware workloads to Azure

Now generally available, Azure VMware Solution seeks to bridge the gap between hypervisor and cloud. The Azure service includes the latest VMware Cloud Foundation components such as vSphere, NSX-T, HCX, and vSan, and integrates with a wide array of partner solutions.

The new Azure VMware Solution is now generally available

Lots of Azure Backup feature enhancements to protect your data

The latest capabilities announced this Ignite let you expand your data protection to new workload types, enhance security, and improve the availability of your backup data. * Protect Azure Database for PostgreSQL and retain the backups for 10 years. * Extend Azure Storage benefits to Azure backup with options to use locally or geo-redundant storage. * Soft delete, a free 14 day data retention period to recover accidentally or maliciously deleted data.

What’s new in Azure Backup

Google Cloud Platform

Logging got an upgrade this week in Google Cloud.

Logs Viewer Preview has been moved to the default logging experience in Google Cloud and is now known as “Logs Explorer”. There are a lot of new features including: interactive queries, histogram view for analysis, a fully tricked out logs dashboard and some other new tools. The classic viewer is not gone and can be accessed as “Legacy Viewer”.

Announcing a new default logging experience: Logs Explorer

Confidential GKE Nodes—now available in preview

To kick off cybersecurity awareness month google is rolling out Confidential Google Kubernetes Engine nodes in preview. With Confidential GKE Nodes you can achieve encryption in-use for data processed inside your GKE cluster, without significant performance degradation.

Confidential GKE Nodes now available | Google Cloud Blog

Google Cloud migration made easy

This week in the Google Blog there’s a great post on the steps to take when considering migrating your on-premise networks and workloads to the cloud; common use cases and great illustrations to show what services you would use to replace traditional infrastructure.

Google Cloud migration made easy

Google Cloud Public Sector Summit

A free global digital event: Dec. 8-9

Join us for Google Cloud’s Public Sector Summit, a two-day global, digital event connecting government and academic communities across the globe with thought-provoking panels, keynotes, customer stories and more.

Register Today for the Public Sector Summit

DevOps & Extras

Amazon Timestream by

[Study Guide] - This repository is a collection of resources to prepare for the Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKSS) exam.

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