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More and more companies are launching their podcasts and using them to solve their problems because this type of content is easier and cheaper to produce than video. So, how does it work?

Dealmakers podcasts: how to use this trending tool?

Nowadays audio formats are a popular style of interacting with your audience. Dealmakers podcast is an audio program, TV show, or blog that you can download or listen to online. The main difference between podcast and radio is the ability to choose a genre and topic and listen at any convenient time. Many podcasts are simply specially edited and designed interviews or a conversation between several people in the studio.

Dealmakers podcast is an opportunity for a brand to show its human face to the audience: to make it so that people can hear how the employees of a particular company sound, what they care about, and what they want to offer.

Broadly speaking, podcasts are a type of content where audio plays a major role. The main difference from the radio is that it is content that is not broadcast on the air: you choose interesting programs and listen to them at any convenient time.

Dealmaker podcasts compare favorably with many common ad integration formats that audiences have grown tired of for a long time. Even in the simplest format, when the announcement is read by the presenters, it sounds much more native than the material looks in the media marked about the advertisement.

Among the general purposes of podcasting are the following:

  • Gain potential customers, expand the audience;
  • Become a recognized leader in the industry;
  • Share important messages;

In addition to attracting a loyal audience, a podcast can be a tool for working with it. The charisma of the presenters will unite people and create a comfortable atmosphere for conversation. Communities are often created around podcasts – provided that you put in some effort: create chats, groups, channels, organize online and offline events.

The business benefit is that people feel connected, related, and associate with the company. The result is a semblance of a subculture of your brand that helps you attract new loyal community members and potential customers.

The idea of Alejandro Cremades podcast

If your brand initially has a media or social media presence, then you are more likely to enrich the podcasting industry with a new audience than podcasts will attract new people to you. A podcast can become popular and make money, but then you should consider it as a very long-term project, in which you need to constantly invest efforts and resources for several years.

Alejandro Cremades is an entrepreneur and business coach, and the founder of Onevest, an investment platform for startups. He helps launch interesting startups. The Onevest Ecosystem supports founders and investors in building successful businesses. Alejandro Cremades podcast tells how to attract investors to the project.

Advertising podcasts are mainly divided into several categories:

  • A podcast interview usually involves one or two presenters talking to one or more guests in each podcast series.
  • Talk podcasts are very similar to traditional radio shows. In this format, the two podcast hosts have exciting conversations on specific topics.
  • The monologue-style podcast is constantly spoken by one presenter who is an expert in a particular field. The audience learns about a specific topic or gets an informed opinion about recent events.
  • Roundtable podcasts include a permanent or alternating group of presenters who comment on and discuss specific topics.